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The Exiseal Product

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Exiseal is a simple but effective solution, specially designed to prevent draughts and rattle in sash style windows. Its ‘lollypop’ shape means it can easily adapt to any width of gap to form a seal from draughts and cut out annoying rattle.

All you need to do is push a cut length of Exiseal without tape into the gap between the top and bottom sash where the windows meet, and a cut length of Exiseal with tape to the top of the upper sash, these then form a draught proof seal when the windows are closed.

Once pressed into place, it is held firmly by self-adhesive tape. A one-fit solution to provide effective draught exclusion and reduce noise.

Made from a flexible, clear PVC material, Exiseal does not spoil the elegant visual appearance of sash windows and can be painted if needed.

Sold by the metre, Exiseal is cost-effective, with little wastage.

Exiseal. What winter and sash windows have been waiting for!
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How to Order
We use PayPal as our secure online payment system. Your credit card details will only be known to PayPal who handle the transaction on our behalf. We accept most major credit cards.
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How much do I need
Simply measure the width of the windows you wish to seal and total them up. Click the Add to Cart button. You will then be taken to the PayPal secure payments page where you can enter the total length. Enter equal lengths of Exiseal with and without double sided tape.

Order Exiseal

Please Note: Exiseal is sold by the metre and supplied in one piece.

For example, if you require 6.23 metres in total, enter the quantity as 7 on the payments page, you will then receive a full 7 metre length, which you can then cut to your desired size(s).

When you have completed your order a confirmation email will be sent.

Please use our handy conversion tool below to convert your measurement from Feet to Metres.

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Please Note: For orders received from outside the UK we reserve the right to apply an additional charge for postage & packing, as per our Terms & Conditions, which we will advise you of prior to confirming and subsequently dispatching your order.

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