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How do I know if Exiseal is suitable for my windows?

A – Exiseal is suitable for any sash window. Its ‘teardrop and tail’ shape mean it provides draught exclusion for almost any sash style window.

How does Exiseal work?
A – Exiseal’s ‘teardrop and tail’ shape simply presses into place between the top and bottom sash where the windows meet, and to the top of the upper sash, to form a seal from draughts when the windows are closed. It is held in place by self-adhesive tape applied to the tail section, which sticks to the flat surface of the window – see the Fitting Exiseal section of our website.
How do I know how much Exiseal to order?

A – Exiseal is sold by the metre. All you need to do is measure the width of the each sash window to give a total length. You then order that length rounded up of both the with and without double sided tape versions of Exiseal.

Once fitted, will Exiseal be visible?

A – Exiseal is designed to be used between the top and bottom sash where they meet and at the top of the upper sash, so it will not be visible. In any event, Exiseal is provided in clear, flexible PVC material so it will blend in with your sash windows.

Can I paint the windows with Exiseal in place?

A – Exiseal can be painted without affecting its draught excluding properties, so it does not need to be removed when you paint your windows.

How long will Exiseal last?

A – Exiseal is made from a long-lasting and stable PVC material and is designed to give many years effective use.

Do I have to use the double sided tape?

A – No. However, the draught through the top gap can be strong enough to blow out the Exiseal if it is a loose fit. The tape will help prevent this.

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