Exiseal is a simple but effective solution, specially designed to prevent draughts and rattle in sash style windows. Its ‘lollypop’ shape means it can easily adapt to any width of gap to form a seal from draughts and cut out annoying rattle.

Prices are per meter.

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Huge Benefits of Exiseal

Easy to fit - No DIY skills or tools required!

Can be cut to length

Temporary or permanent solution

Can be bought per metre - so no minimum

Available with or without double sided tape

Made from a flexible clear PVC material

Easily removed

All you need to do is push a cut length of Exiseal without tape into the gap between the top and bottom sash where the windows meet, and a cut length of Exiseal with tape to the top of the upper sash, these then form a draught proof seal when the windows are closed.

Once pressed into place, it is held firmly by self-adhesive tape. A one-fit solution to provide effective draught exclusion and reduce noise.

Made from a flexible, clear PVC material, Exiseal does not spoil the elegant visual appearance of sash windows and can be painted if needed.

Sold by the metre, Exiseal is cost-effective, with little wastage.

Exiseal. What winter and sash windows have been waiting for!

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